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They Can Never Know launched 8/25/18... and I have two confessions

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

They Can Never Know is an 86K word, contemporary fiction, self-love-adventure story for people of all ages, told from the point of view of an old woman who has outlived her abusive husband.

At its heart:

♥︎ It's never too late. Trust yourself. You were given intuition for a reason.

♣︎ Step out of your comfort zone. That's where all growth begins.

♠︎ Love yourself first. Do this work and the rest of your relationships will reflect it.

♦︎ Share it all - your love, wealth, knowledge, happiness and your gratitude.

I worked on this book, off and on, for over six years. It's taken me from fear to love, from unsure to braver than I've ever been. It can take you there too.

Amazon's "Look inside" feature provides you a sneak peek at more than four chapters:

Confession #1: I don't subscribe to blogs. I don't like having my inbox overwhelmed.

Confession #2: I won't overwhelm yours either. I like writing books more than blogging.

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