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Dream Solving is a powerful self-healing tool that I believe every one of us should possess. It's the equivalent of several years of therapy condensed into an hour-long session where you actually hypnotize yourself. Our dreams are a direct link to our subconscious and each time you recite it you will tap into more details and achieve the theta brain frequency where you are hyper-aware. We all experience the theta brain frequency at least twice a day, when we wake up and as we fall asleep.


My role is to then guide you through each key character in your dream, having them introduce themselves, state their wants, needs and issues and communicate with one another to resolve the conflict at hand, the very reason you're having the dream. Your subconscious mind is trying to work out the conflict by having the dream and you are usually an aspect of each character. By the way, there's a saying among hypnotherapists that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Nothing can be accomplished without your willingness. You cannot be forced to do anything that you don't want to do, regardless of what Hollywood has programmed so many to believe.


Interestingly, my last name is Meshal, which means torch in Arabic. It's ironic that I'm essentially lighting your path to self-healing. Think of me as your guide with the torch just ahead of you on the path. I feel very privileged to witness clients heal themselves in such a beautiful, wise and elegant way. I do possess a strong intuition in regards to which characters most need to communicate and when, but you're the one in the driver's seat and in complete control of your session at all times.


What's most refreshing and rewarding is to see my clients realize that they hold all of the answers they'll ever need within themselves. You have all of the answers you're seeking and more. The empowering nature of this work is truly a sight to behold. My clients look different after a session. They glow with empowerment.

I've used this technique on myself to gain clarity many times over the years. It's extremely satisfying and I can even teach you a method for writing out the process instead of speaking it. This is the method I use myself these days.

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$100 Dream Solving

 Session via Zoom or phone

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My dream solving session with Sheri was insightful. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never done anything like it before. What I thought was just a fun dream turned out to have a lot more significance and meaning. The beauty of it was that I was the one interpreting what it meant and represented for me and my life. Afterwards I felt a strong sense of clarity about what I want related to the dream topic and a sense of empowerment to listen to different parts within myself to understand how I interpret situations, people, and symbols of the dream in my life. Sheri guided me through the process by asking questions gently, allowing me to come up with my own answers and understanding. The experience left a long lasting impression and will stay with me. Mahalo nui for such a beautiful experience, Sheri. 

                                    -M.B., Waikiki

© 2016 by Sheri Meshal

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