Emily C.

Sheri connected me to my cat, Bailey, who had recently passed away.  She was given his name, age, and a few photos that I had picked out.  


Within minutes, she was quoting the movie my Mister Bailey was named for.  I did not tell her that he was, in fact, George Bailey.  


Sheri was able to bring through Bailey’s gentle demeanor, his silly sense of humor, and his fierce sense of protection over me.  Bailey told her things that only he could have known and observed.  His favorite toy, his food dish, and why it was that he would always accompany me to the bathroom when I would brush my teeth and get ready in the morning.  


Sheri was able to give me a cat’s eye view of Bailey’s life with me, and for that I am forever grateful.  

Buddy .jpeg

Phyllis A.

Having just brought Buddy home on October 25th and having spent the past 6 months trying to bond with him, I found the results of Sheri's sessions with him so helpful and exciting! I walk around here thinking of more questions I would like to have her ask him. There are a couple of behaviors that I’m not sure how to interpret.


She found out several things:

That he feels safe with me and knows how much I like him.

He likes his food and likes to take lots of naps, and he told her that he couldn’t get comfortable on my lap anymore. He used to love to sit on my lap. He then said he had taken Chrondroiton before and that had helped his hips. She did not even know about that mineral. Then he gave her an image of a purple and white package. So I ordered Glucosamine and Chondroiton for dogs in a purple and white package. The pills are dark purple and he loves them. They seem to be helping.


The other thing that stands out is that he likes the dogs who come here for boarding, if they are polite and that Dash, a name he attempted to give her that sounded like Ash or Sash, is not very polite.


I could go on and on.