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Animal Communication

Peace of mind: A mental state of calmness or tranquility, a freedom from worry and anxiety.

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Standard Session

Get to know your animal on a whole new level as we ask them oodles of questions, during a live Zoom, about all of their favorite things, their relationship and their soul contract with you. Please set aside two hours for this session. It makes no difference whether they're in physical form or spirit. They all come through in the same way. I honestly sense no difference. I used to essentially interview every animal, asking them upwards of 60 questions, and they've been very patient and understanding. However, I've transitioned from recorded audio sessions to live Zoom sessions, allowing them to guide their own session. It's the type of session I wish I would've had access to when Kylie transitioned. Doing a session together, live with your animals creates an exceptionally organic, energy exchange and flow.

This session also includes a full body scan, during which I use dowsing rods to obtain as much information about their physical health as possible. This is also the session to choose if you'd like me to touch base with an animal I've already spoken to before. Perhaps they've encountered a new challenge or phase of their life.

I'm always happy to reconnect with old friends.

I simply need a good photo, preferably one where I can see their eyes clearly. I also like to know their age and sex, because souls have neither and we are primarily speaking with their higher self. Although I recently had a dog in spirit complain that she didn't get any treats as she transitioned. This made me laugh pretty hard. I was so surprised she cared about treats while transitioning, but she had also been racing around the inside of their car in spirit, absolutely ecstatic. Her parents said with an equally hearty laugh, "That's Maddie!"

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Dog with Lampshade

Missing Animal Session

If your animal is lost or missing, before anything else,

I want you to try Carol Gurney's

"Come Home Now" technique.

1. Get quiet and still

2. Focus on their eyes in a photo, phone or your mind.

3. Light a candle, if possible.

4. Firmly tell them to "Come home now."

You'd be surprised how often this works!

Many thanks to Carol Gurney for sharing this!

Additional tips:

1. Have kids help you search. They see and fit into smaller spaces that are also closer to the ground. They're keen observers. They're often natural animal communicators without realizing it. They love to help.

2. Put up flyers AND hand them out. Flyers must have the word "LOST" on them, include a large photo, your number, any reward and the DATE they went missing. Going door to door is far more productive than simply posting them around your neighborhood, but both do help. TALK TO PEOPLE, especially your local mail carriers and sanitation workers. They see EVERYTHING.

3. Create an altar or dedicate a shelf or corner to them, regardless of your beliefs, that helps you focus on your animal. It might include: candles, photos, toys, treats, flowers, etc. Several times a day, close your eyes and mentally send them a big beam of light. Tell them, "Look for the light. The light will lead you home." You are their lighthouse, their beacon of hope. Know that the two of you are strongly connected. They know your thoughts and feelings. Continue talking to them. They hear every word, and you can connect with them from anywhere at any time. This has even worked with a feral cat I know!


Sometimes an animal needs to stay put rather than make their way to you, either because you became separated while traveling or they're not comfortable making the trek. Tell them to stay put, that help is on the way.


Mike, known as Old-Trucker on TikTok, got separated from his cat Popeye on a run in New York, a LONG way from home. Convincing Popeye to stay put until Dad could return to the area two weeks later was crucial to his rescue and their ultimate reunion. Aside from a few porcupine quills in his face, Popeye was in great condition and couldn't have been happier to see his dad. An entire team of helpers reunited the two and they've been inseparable ever since.

4. During your search, bring smelly food with you. Go to the area early in the morning, if you can, like 2am. Call out to them. Sit down in that space. Bring a toy or their favorite blanket from home. Some animals even request a sibling animal. Remember that they are not themselves when their routine has been so disrupted and they are out in the elements without their usual comforts. Cats especially, will sometimes act absolutely feral (even towards the people they love most) when on their own outdoors, even if they are normally very calm and confident. I have a good friend who can attest to that. Her normally calm and sane cat was so out of her mind with fear when they found her in their wood pile, she was unrecognizable. Above all else, be patient. Trust me, I know how challenging this can be. I believe in you. You can do it!

What I will need from you:

1. Name

2. Breed (if applicable)

3. Sex (souls have no sex during telepathy)

4. Age (souls have no age during telepathy)

5. A detailed description of your sweetheart

6. A photo, preferably one in which I can see their eyes

7. The address from which they went missing

8. Whether they were wearing a collar with tags

9. If so, the color of the collar

10. Whether they are micro-chipped

11. Whether they're familiar with the outdoors

12. Whether they're familiar with your neighborhood

13. Whether they're friendly or timid by nature

14. When they went missing, date and time

15. How it happened (no judgements whatsoever)

16. Have they done this before - is there a pattern

17. Whether there was noisy construction, a change in routines, a new animal introduced or new guests in the home, etc.

We will connect with your animal live via Zoom together and I will do my best to determine their location via remote viewing, dowsing and pendulum mapping. I will do my best to gather as much information as possible and get them home safely. This does not always happen. Some animals do not make it home, but they are always very forthcoming with the lessons they are teaching you. There is always a lesson and a reason for their disappearance. You share a soul contract and the two of you agreed upon these lessons before you were born.

Animals are our master teachers.

I will arm you with as much information as possible for your search. After one week, you're welcome to contact me again. At this time, I will reconnect with your animal and provide you with any new information they're willing to share with us. 

Please set aside a minimum of one hour for this session.

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Me on the road to Hana.JPG
Me on the road to Hana.JPG

Grief Counseling

The bond you share with your animal is eternal, as is your soul contract with them. Your relationship will never end, only change from time to time. They will always be a part of your life. Perhaps you're unsure whether they want assistance in transitioning to spirit or you want to hear from them that this was the right decision. Maybe you'd like to know if they plan to return to you to continue teaching you the lessons the two of you agreed upon before you were born. It's also nice to receive messages and advice from an animal who is struggling with a health issue or preparing to transition. Sometimes they surprise you and let you know you've been together many times before, sometimes within this same lifetime. They're always full of surprises. They also plan their entrances and exits into this earth plane just like we do. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and I know you just want them to be here with you in physical form forever. We all want this. "Losing" a beloved soul companion is painful, but you haven't really lost them and I'm here to help. For better or worse, my grief coping toolbox runneth over. It is said that the final season of healing comes from helping guide others along a similar path. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share everything I've learned from personal experience, as well as past clients. These tools do help ease the pain and calm the fear. While I am not a professional grief counselor, I have been a certified hypnotherapist since 2006. Dream therapy, for example, is one of the most powerful self-healing tools I've ever seen or experienced. You would be astounded by the wise and timeless knowledge your animal wishes to share, if they've appeared in any of your dreams for even a second. However, a standard grief counseling session is often just as healing. We speak to them together live via Zoom and you should set aside two hours for this type of session.

Honoring your dear friend is also very important and I'm eternally grateful that I have learned so many great ways in which to do so. Many of these ideas were shared with me by my TikTok followers, where I am known as SheriMeshal AnimalCommunicator. This is where I've shared the majority of my animal communication journey.

As painful as it may seem, sharing your feelings with your animal is always healing. For up to two hours, we will travel down this healing path together, asking them all about their feelings too.

In the meantime, here is a list of my top 22 favorite ways to heal while memorializing a beloved animal:


1. Write them a letter expressing your grief as well as your gratitude for the time you had with them. Share your favorite memories, quirks and habits with them. Ask them to visit.

2. Dream Therapy, which I can do with you if you've had any dreams about them ever.

3. Animal portraits by Belleandhook via TikTok or Instagram  - very affordable and excellent artistry.

4. Post a memorial plaque on a tree along their favorite path, trail or in a garden.

5. Have paw prints made if possible at the time of their passing, either in plaster of Paris or ink on paper.

6. Make TikToks about them or private videos for yourself to preserve all of your favorite memories of them. Watching a PowerPoint I made for my dog Kylie really helped me heal.

7. Put some of their ashes or hair in a necklace. There are so many different styles to choose from now on Amazon alone. I loved the clear tube for a tuft of hair from Kylie's bed.

8. Create a photo collage either on foam board or on your computer.

9. Record your favorite stories about them in writing or electronically. I use a very inexpensive recorder app on my phone that works really well. 

10. Post a weekly photo of them on Instagram or FB.

11. Watch videos of them before bedtime and ask them to visit you in your dreams.

12. Post holiday photos of them to celebrate and remember them on special holidays. Many special memories are created with our animals during the holidays.

13. Put their immunization tags on your keychain.

14. Get a tattoo of them, their name or their paw print.

15. Create a scrapbook of photos and stories, something tangible you can hold and escape into when you're missing them.

16. Have a plush stuffed animal created in their likeness by a company like Cuddle Clones or Petsies.

17. Create a ball, stick or toy box in their memory for other animals at their favorite park or beach.

18. Have a t-shirt made from your favorite photo.

19. Donate their toys to a shelter or rescue.

20. Before you take a photo, ask them to pop in as an orb so you can see they're still with you.

21. Throw a celebration of life for them, encouraging people to share their memories. Big or small, they'll be present and appreciate all of the love expressed.

22. Create an altar or shelf with things like pictures, tags, a collar, favorite toys, favorite treats, candles and letters to them. Stop often, focus on them and send them love from here.

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© 2016 by Sheri Meshal

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