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Sheri Meshal
Animal Communicator

Assisting in bringing missing animals home safely is the most rewarding work I've experienced. During my first couple of missing animal cases, I found the work too frustrating. Clients would give up their searches while their animals were still communicating clearly with me. In the months that followed, I felt reluctant to work with missing animals. I didn't ever want to tell another animal that their human would be out there looking for them, only to have their human not show up. However, more and more cases were beginning to cross my path. I then realized that maybe this was exactly the work that I was supposed to be doing, because I had become adept at using a specific tool.


Shortly after becoming an animal communicator, I taught myself how to use dowsing rods to achieve more detailed body scans during standard sessions. I had noticed in the class I took with Nikki Vasconez that I was not as clairsentient as my classmates who practiced Reiki and other body work. I was primarily clairaudient and clairvoyant. It now dawned on me that perhaps that challenge had emerged precisely so that I would turn to dowsing. I hadn't considered the fact that dowsing rods are primarily used for searching and recovering. Instead of shying away from missing animal cases, I began to embrace them and my skills continued to improve. Today, my practice exists solely for lost and missing animals.


I work remotely from a photo and record your session. I then email it to you along with the map indicating the location of your animal at the time of the session, according to them. You may book a session using the payment buttons below each animal photo on the left below this section.


Please email me:

1) A photo, ideally one where I can see their eyes clearly

2) Their given name (they often have many nicknames)

3) Their age (this doesn't come through telepathically, as it's a soul)

4) Their sex (this doesn't come through telepathically, as it's a soul)

5) The address of the location from which they disappeared

6) Whether they're micro-chipped

7) Whether they're wearing a collar, the color and whether it has tags

8) If your animal has a pattern, history or habit of disappearing

9) The date they disappeared

10) Whether they're familiar with the outdoors

11) Whether they're timid or friendly

12) Whether there have been any sightings of them

13) The names of the other animals and people in their home

14) Their overall health

While I cannot guarantee that your animal will return home safely, that is always my primary objective. I have a good track record. This is not an exact science, but I've only been mistaken twice as to whether an animal was in spirit or physical form. The first animal happily admitted to tricking me, because he wanted to have another conversation with me to tell me something important. It seems the second animal sustained a slight concussion during a car accident involving black ice and he may have been fading in and out of consciousness while we were communicating. Today, both are happy and healthy. My quickest return to date is Daisy, a puppy I was asked to search for on December 25th, 2022. She had been missing for three days. She was an excellent listener. Within ten minutes of her session, she emerged from her hiding place and allowed herself to be caught.

I wish I could tell you that every animal makes it home safely, but they often encounter significant challenges. Sadly, some perish during their journey. However, in such cases, they have always been very forthcoming regarding the spiritual aspect of their disappearance and passing, sharing specific lessons contained within their soul contract with their human(s). 

Please email the information requested to

Lost or Missing Animal Session $100

Minerva 2.HEIC

• Received within approximately 24 hours.

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Priority Check-in $50

Jebby's 9th birthday.heic

• Received within approximately 24 hours.

• For animals I've previously spoken with.

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Standard Check-in $25


• Received within approximately 2 days.
• For animals I've previously spoken with.

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Gift Certificate $100

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support by making a donation,

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To utilize a payment plan for any of the services above, simply select “PayPal” then scroll down and select

“Pay in 4 interest-free payments.”

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The following are recommended action steps if your animal is missing:


1. Find a photo of your animal. Get quiet and still, look into their eyes and think or say out loud, "Come home NOW." It may seem silly, but this has worked quickly for several clients. They do hear you telepathically. You are still very much connected. to your animal.

2. Organize a search and include kids. They notice everything, especially in low and small spaces and are more in tune to animals than many adults.

3. Create an altar of sorts. It doesn't matter whether you're religious or not. This is about focusing your energy on their safe return several times a day and can simply be a photo, a candle and some of their toys or a favorite blanket or treats. Use this altar to imagine them returning home, to talk to them and most importantly, to maintain your strong connection. They will energetically pick up on all of this. Do this several times a day whether you're near the altar or not. You can also speak to them without a photo or through a photo on your phone.

4. Make fliers and not only post them, but hand them out. Talk to people in the area, especially your garbage men and mail carriers. They see everything. Make sure to include "LOST", a large photo, your number, whether there's a reward and the date they went missing.


5. Stay positive. Don't give up. Write your animal a letter. It helps you stay determined and focused on their safe return.


6. If your animal has been stolen, contact the authorities whether they are micro-chipped or not. 

7. Picture a beam of light coming from your heart and tell them to follow the beam, that it will lead them home. You are their lighthouse, literally their beacon. Keep that light burning brightly by talking to them often. It will help both of you and keep that energetic connection between you strong.

8. Put food and water out for them and leave a garage door open, a porch door or a barn door. Fill a box with straw and set it near your door. Leave a litter box out for your cat. I had one tip one over just to let his dad know he'd been there.

*When booking an animal communication session please acknowledge that Sheri Meshal is not a veterinarian and is only relaying messages from your animal. Regarding your animal's health, as well as all medical related issues, please consult with your veterinarian.

This is our dog Jessica!

Click here to view her FB page, Jessica the Wonder Dog Helping the Under Dogs, to help other dogs find their forever homes!

Jebby's flower power.jpg

All Pitbull Flower Power photographs are by Sophie Gamand

Click here to purchase this beautiful coffee table book from

Sophie Gamand.

All but one dog photographed was saved by her work. Sadly, Angel transitioned before she was adopted.

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