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Sheri Meshal
Animal Communicator

I work remotely from a photo and record your session. Afterwards, I email it to you. Simply book a session and send me a photo of your animal, their name, the names of your family members, other animals in your home and five questions or concerns you may have for your animal companion. I request one animal per session, but I never know who might pop in and say hello. I recently had a dog who had passed come through a client's new dog, because the two of them were sharing a dog bed beneath her desk while she worked. He warned her to be careful in the building and going to work. Then he showed me an image of her at her building's mailboxes. I passed the message along as I received it, not wanting to worry her. She later told me that there had been a man of concern in the building. I was touched that her dog who had transitioned was able to leave the apartment with her each day and he was still protecting her, even while she was at work.

To utilize a payment plan for any of the services below, simply select “PayPal” then scroll down and select

“Pay in 4 interest-free payments.”

Please email the information listed below to

What I need for a full-length session with your animal, lasting approximately an hour:


1. Their name

2. A photo where I can see their eyes clearly 

3. Whether they’re male or female 

4. Whether they’re in physical form or spirit

5. Up to 5 questions you’d like me to ask them, in addition to the basics listed under Jebby’s birthday photo above

6. The names of the people and animals with whom they live


I actually ask them 40-50 questions, depending on whether they’re in physical form or spirit. It takes me about an hour and I email you the recording as soon as I’m finished. You’ll find the payment buttons below. I read one animal per session. Although, sometimes they do bring another animal through, but I never know if this will happen. They're full of surprises! Once I’ve received payment for their session, I’ll schedule it and let you know when I’ll be talking to them. Thank you in advance. I have the best job in the world. I feel like I've enrolled in a university where all of the professors are animals. I learn so much from each of them every day. They're definitely our master teachers!

Our dog Jessica! Click here to view her FB page for helping other dogs find their forever homes!

Jebby's flower power.jpg

All Pitbull Flower Power photographs are by Sophie Gamand

2022 Pitbull Flower Power Calendar by Sophie Gamand

If you would like to show your support by making a donation, you may do so through this button.

Know that I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity and believe that all of your blessings come back to you tenfold.

However, I do charge for sessions now, as I am living a nomadic lifestyle and this is how I make my living. I happily provided donation-based sessions for the first six months and sincerely thank you for this opportunity for growth.

Gift Certificate $100

Standard Communication $100 

Priority Communication $150

Standard check-in $50

Priority check-in $75

*When booking an animal communication session please acknowledge that Sheri Meshal is not a veterinarian and is only relaying messages from your animal. Regarding your animal's health, as well as all medical related issues, please consult with your veterinarian.

Click here to purchase this incredible book from

Sophie Gamand!

Almost every dog photographed was saved by her work! 

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Lost or Missing

Animal Session $100 

Please email me this info at

1. Their name & a photo where I can see their eyes

2. Their age, breed, sex and address where lost

3. Are they chipped?

4. Are they wearing a collar? If so, what color is it?

5. Are they familiar w/the outdoors or neighborhood?

6. Are they friendly or timid?

7. When were they lost?

8. How did it happen?

9. Have they left home before?

10. Is there a pattern of disappearing?

11. Are they an indoor/outdoor animal?

12. If they have a collar on, are there tags on it?

13. Have they been sighted somewhere?

14. The names of the other animals and people in home

Connecting with humans in spirit $100.00

I'm a butterfly_edited.jpg


Received in approximately 1 week.
• 5 additional questions allowed in addition to basics below

I ask about their transition, how they're feeling now, signs they send you to let you know when they're with you, messages and advice for you, if there's anything they'd like you to know about their passing, their favorite things & special memories now that they've transitioned, if they've been with you before and whether they plan to be with you again in physical form and also proof that they were with you recently. Sometimes they bring other individuals through as well. I currently use dowsing rods, clairvoyance, and clairaudience for these sessions.

The following are some things I would love for you to do if your animal is missing.

Each one really makes a difference:


1. Find a photo of your animal. Get quiet and still, then look into their eyes and think or say, "Come home NOW." It may seem silly, but this has worked quickly for several clients. They do hear you telepathically. You are still very much connected.

2. Organize a search and include kids. They notice everything, especially in low  and small spaces and are more in tune to animals than many adults.

3. Create an altar os sorts. It doesn't matter whether you're religious or not. This is about focusing your energy on their safe return several times a day and can simply be a photo, a candle and some of their toys or a favorite blanket or treats. Use this altar to imagine them returning home, to talk to them and most importantly, to maintain your strong connection. They will pick up on all of it energetically. Do this several times a day whether you're near the altar or not.

4. Make fliers and not only post them, but hand them out. Talk to people in the area, especially your garbage men and mail carriers. They see everything. Mkae sure to include "LOST", a large photo, your number, whether there's a reward and the date lost.


5. Stay positive. Don't give up. Write your animal a letter, if it helps you stay determined and focused on their safe return.


6. If your animal has been stolen, contact the authorities whether they are micro-chipped or not. 

7. Picture a beam of light coming from your heart and tell them to follow the beam, that it will lead them home. You are their lighthouse, literally their beacon of hope. Keep that light burning bright and talk to them often. It will help both of you and keep that energetic connection between you strong.

8. Put food and water out for them and leave a garage door open or a barn door or fill a box with straw and set it near your door. Leave a littler box out for your cat. I had one tip one over just to let his dad know he'd been there.

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